Swimspa Pte Ltd is part of the Men’spool Group that deals with maintenance, servicing, and repair work. It began with Men’spool back in 1984, and has become one of the most respectable and leading company amongst our clients, which includes managers of condominiums, hotels, and clubs. Each of our serviceman, supervisor, and technician undergoes proper on-job training and understanding of our systematic procedures.

Why is Swimspa Pte Ltd different?


Every pool man can claim they know how to main a pool. However, it in fact takes years of experience and knowledge to truly understand the problem and behaviour, which is exactly what we have here at Swimspa.


A peace of mind is what we offer to each customer. We provide only professional advice and/or proposals to ensure a problem-minimal future.



We ensure every problem or query are responded in stipulated time. All servicemen are trained to tackle the basic problems, while our supervisors and repair team will handle the more complex ones.


Total Package

Few pool maintenance companies can do what we do at Swimspa. Besides our attention to detail of pool chemistry, we handle pool equipment repair and overhaul, switchboard troubleshooting, leakage troubleshooting, and pool enhancement.

Customer First

Our customer’s needs are always at the forefront. We evaluate, decide, and advise all with our customer’s budget in mind.

Services We Offer

Apart from general maintenance (i.e., scheduled cleaning, vacuuming of pool floors, brushing of pool walls, flushing of chemicals, and chemical reading), we offer the following professional services:

  • Water chemistry balance
  • Anticipate problems and lifespan of equipment by our expert observation
  • Systematic approach to deal with problems swiftly
  • On-line record for chemical readings in history reports
  • Conversion of conventional underwater lights to LEDs
  • Advice for enhanced lighting effects to blend with the environment
  • Switch board troubleshooting and parts replacement
  • Addition of water features and pool toys to liven up a pool
  • Regrouting or re-tiling of pool
  • Rust removal on tile surfaces
  • Leakage analysis and solution
  • Recommendation of various water treatment technology

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